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 Why Parrotlets?

Parrotlets are the smallest parrot in the world. They make excellent companion pets. Although they are small, 5-6" long, they have very big personalities!

Several factors that make parrotlets such great companion pets is related to their small size. They do not need overly large cages. This is especially true if they are allowed out of their cage daily. They also do not make the kind of mess associated with larger birds. In addition, they do not make loud squawking sounds but instead emit a musical twittering and chirping noises that I find magical. 

From a very early age, I had a love of all creatures great and small. My mother had a special interest in birds, always pointing them out to me and remarking upon their beauty. I guess it was from these early experiences my love of these winged creatures began. As an adult, I started with colorful Gouldian finches but soon discovered the beauty and personality of Parrotlets. I was sold! They are truly one of God's most beautiful creations.

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