What sets us apart from other breeders?



Our mission is to maintain an aviary that promotes the healthy breeding of the Pacific Parrotlet. We only breed Parrotlets. They are our passion!

Our aviary features:

* Co-parenting vs. Hand Feeding

Co-parenting allows the parents to raise the chicks until they are weaned. We pull the chicks from the nest several times per day to socialize them. We do this instead of pulling the babies permanently from the parents when they are 10 days in order to hand raise them. We feel that this is the best possible scenario in which to breed healthy, well adjusted pet parrotlets.

* Our aviary is kept very clean with consistent daily monitoring of all of our birds.

* Cages are large to promote room to exercise. I can't tell you how often I find breeders using small cages, 14"x14"x14" or 18"x18"18", to house their birds lifelong. I consider this an inhumane treatment of such a beautiful creature. Our cages measure 30"x18"x36", nothing smaller!

* A dual lighting system is employed to mimic the natural habitat of the parrotlet. It features complete full spectrum lighting necessary for bird health and metabolism.

* Consistent handling of chicks to prepare them to be well adjusted, loving pets. We expose our chicks to daily noises, such as the vacuum, television, and radio to prepare them for conditions when they reach their new home.

* A wide variety of top quality foods to supply everything they need to thrive.

Bottom line for us..."Treat our birds like we would want to be treated!" It is that simple.